Hello thereπŸ‘‹, I’m
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Full-Stack Developer

PHP β€’ Symfony β€’ CodeIgniter β€’ AWS β€’ Azure β€’ SQL β€’ JS β€’ Node β€’ Vue β€’ Linux β€’ Cordova

Working remotely from Italy 🌍🍝

Check out my CV!
My projects —

Android & iOS Apps

Development of 3 cross platform mobile apps made with Apache Cordova.

Developed together with Andrea Pozza & Cristian Zecca.

E-commerce websites

Development and maintenance of 3 e-commerce websites powerded by CodeIgniter, a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint:

Developed for Essedi IT Consulting.

Blogs & Landings

Development of 2 blogs and this portfolio. Used Node, Nuxt js (vue) & Webpack:

Check out my blog posts! I post regulary about programming and other topics I'm working with!
My archivements —


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